Mood Music: On Why Soul Music has the Most Sensual Sound of All

If you are anything like me, the music you listen to varies based upon how you’re feeling at any particular time. Rock when you’re angry, Jazz when you need to relax, and R&B or Soul when you want to…well, you know (wink). But, why is that? There are a million love songs in existence and a laundry list of genres to pick from, but why is it that when it comes to setting the mood we tend to turn to Soul or R&B music; from old school to contemporary?

The Ever-Present Passion…

No matter if you are a lover of R&B/Soul music or not, there is no denying the level of passion that is inherent within the vocals and even the chords of this music category. That is to say, the greatest love-making songs are slow and highly intense. Let’s take, for example, a man who is arguably one of the greatest ever to grace this music genre, Marvin Gaye. If you are familiar with his music, you know that his music is all about intense emotional crooning, smooth runs, and love language. There was nothing especially unusual about his method of music creation. Nevertheless, he remains one of the most passionate singers of Soul and R&B music.

The Present of Passion Music

In this day and age, we’re a far cry from the type of music that Marvin Gaye and his comrades used to make. However, Soul and R&B music still hold a sizeable place in the hearts and wallets of music fans worldwide. Perhaps less expressive than the players of the past, R&B and Soul music is fused with elements of every genre ranging from hip-hop to alternative. This development has led critics to speculate the genre may be on its final leg.

Quite the contrary, there are numerous new acts heavily influenced by the old school tracks who are seeking to interpret this genre in new and exciting ways. Take Terzasfera and Kerboo; for example, each of these acts are seemingly in totally different genres and even live on opposite sides of the world. Yet, they are each anchored by a heavy, soulful sound; the thread that has loosely held this category of music together.

The almost indescribably soulful essence of R&B remains one of the quickest ways to get choosy lovers to cuddle up and get frisky. Don’t believe me? Throw on a playlist and take it from Kerboo…