The Kind Of Man

What manner of man must I be
To deserve the woman of my dreams
A man of honor, truth and humility
a rare find these days it seems

What manner of man can win her love
take flight to a higher ground
when the worlds ills attempt to subdue him
and others who’ve not been found
The kind of man is now my focus
extra strenth, new and improved
A woman should expect this kindness in man
To leave her calm and soothed
My kind of man watches his woman sit across from Oprah
while she tells the story of a part of her life
where his support helped and encouraged her
So proud to call her his wife
The man kind I am believes
in the inner softness of the soul
The moonlit path of lovers
on a too sweet lover’s stroll

The mankind I am sees
and feels and thinks with his heart
A blissful idiot to all the worlds ills
the love search is on, has been from the start
To have the kind of man I am
All she must do is ask
Together we will roam the world
With one plan in mind… last

by William Stephenson
For Janet

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