Toli Nameless and Paris Girls Rock Camp

Toli Nameless and Paris Girls Rock Camp

Toli Nameless is a Jamaican-born musician who grew up in New York City. On this side of the Atlantic, she has found a comfortable home as an artist-in-residence at 6b, a cultural center in the Paris suburb of Saint Denis.

Toli Nameless © Discover Paris!

Toli Nameless
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We first met Toli last year, when she organized the 3rd edition of Paris Girls Rock Camp as part of an initiative called Girls Rock Camp Alliance (GRCA). Her inspiration to create the camp was “a culmination of the evolution of [her] career in music, education, and women’s development, and the opportunity to provide this type of service in [her] community.”

Toli’s first introduction to GRCA was through the Willie Mae Rock-n-Roll Camp for Girls in Brooklyn, NY. Invited to perform at a benefit concert for the camp, she was sufficiently intrigued with the event that she decided to bring it to Paris. She counts on the support of 6b and GRCA, her year-round partners, and recruits additional partners for the camp each year.

Paris Girls Rock Camp’s mission is to offer a positive educational experience in music to young girls and women in the Paris region. Toli and her partners have organized the camp since 2011.

Public performances following this year’s camp were held at the Cité de l’Histoire de l’Immigration on June 21, 2014 and at Le 6B’s Fabrique des Rêves festival on July 11, 2014.

We caught up with Toli several weeks ago, when she performed at another event, 6b’s annual open house.

Toli Nameless and Paris Girls Rock Camp

6b – garden and façade © Discover Paris!

As an “incubator” for artists of all types, 6b houses over 160 residents in 7000 square meters (roughly 75,350 square feet) of space devoted to workshops, offices, and common areas (exhibition space, screening room, dance hall, restaurant associations…). It welcomes artists, architects, musicians, filmmakers, designers, and artisans. Each person develops his / her project individually, while benefiting from a dynamic group of like-minded associates.

Among the activities organized at 6b are the annual Fabrique à Rêves festival, numerous gallery expositions, and cinema workshops. The city of Saint-Denis is an active supporter of the center.

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