Tyler The Creator

Tyler the Creator

I admit I don’t keep up with new artists and releases as I find the current generation of mainstream “stars” to be lacking in their craft. I heard of Tyler, The Creator but never investigated his career enough to become familiar with his work.  On November 3rd, YouTube held a music award show wherein Tyler, The Creator performed. While on the red carpet, Tyler was approached by a reporter and was asked his opinion of the show.
He responded with: “Youtube, you guys had a beautiful platform to allow actual talented people who take videos or whatever and think on a creative level and to actually give them exposure and award them for their creative work, but you fucking idiots decided to do the same shit with the same weak-ass Katy Perry and Justin Bieber and all these weak-ass things that everybody else knows instead of giving people who actually do things a fucking chance to shine, so Youtube suck my dick.”
I think this is not only perfectly stated for the award show, but it sums up the current state of the mainstream music industry, as well. Artists promoted are talentless and hollow, empty shells with no originality or personality so that teeny boppers can envision and extrapolate their own interpretations of the artists’ “messages.” I’m not sure I will enjoy Tyler’s work as I attempt to explore his catalogue, but I do admire him for stating the obvious that so many others won’t say. He was obviously present for the paycheck as his presence contributes to the very thing he was criticizing, so let’s hope that his content matches his mouth.

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