Untitled Fiction – Chapter 6

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Perhaps this was going to be a good evening after all. He could make it on time, but it would cost him a shave, so he opted for being on time. “10 buck tip if you get me to the Café Noir in 10 minutes.” He wanted to be there when he said he would arrive, and the cab driver cooperated, pulling up to the club with 2 minutes to spare. Yes, Sharon was there. He spotted her right away sitting at a large table with a group of people. Great. He had to wade through the crowd, and he was not feeling that at all. He stood there for a second, surveying the scene. The table was evenly populated with men and women, and they seemed to be enjoying themselves. Too late to turn back now. He summoned the beauty shop walk and strode over to the table.

Simultaneously, she waved in his direction, and he seemed to spot her right away. Glad that he recognized her without the beauty salon garb, she tried not to stare while he made his way to the table.
Demurely, she glanced down into her glass and prayed that the seconds would take forever until he reached the table. Sharon could feel her heart rapidly beat, and a little perspiration began to bead upon her brow. Her deodorant may have been failing. Thankfully, she was wearing her favorite black cocktail dress. William was dressed to impress in an understated way. Sharon stood up and shook his hand. It was smoother than silk and his nails manicured like a well kept lawn. Nothing worse than a man with rough hands and claws for nails. “Welcome,” she said. “I see you made it, and you’re on time. I like that.” She felt her neck muscles relax a bit at the sight of perspiration on his brow.

“William, I’d like to introduce you to my peoples. We have been gathering at the Café for about 3 years now. Meet, Wanda, Lynne, Roxanne, Jerry, Alfred, and Greg. We all went to school together.” “Great, what school?” “Cass Tech.” “Damn. I went to Northwestern, so…who do I have to fight first?,” William asked. Luckily, they all got the joke and the ice was smashed to smithereens.

After the intros, Sharon led me to another part of the club, to a table for two. This area of the Café Noir was set up for dancing, but the DJ hadn’t started yet. Sharon and William sat there for a good while, exchanging basic information and sipping their martinis, which William didn’t care much for, but he imbibed right along with her. When her friends were ready to leave, she went back to say goodbye.

William resisted the urge to follow her and ordered another round. Their conversation seemed to be too much like right. They both had never married for the same reason; never found somebody whom they felt would make it over the long haul. They figured out a long time ago that great sex wasn’t a reason to get married. Looks and sex appeal fade with time so for them getting married was always about character, soul, and spirit.

The DJ was setting up, and the other tables were beginning to get populated. When Sharon returned the DJ started playing Back in Love Again by LTD. “Come on, that’s my jam!” William was somewhat startled by a woman asking him to dance, when no other couple was on the floor yet. Most women would look at him like he was crazy if he had done that. He shrugged it off because he was beginning to believe that this was no ordinary woman. I get mixed emotions it’s the way my feelings flow, excuse me I’m only human. Sometimes..I just don’t know.


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