Untitled Fiction – Chapter 7

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What Sharon didn’t know was that this was also his “jam.” One of those songs that you couldn’t help but get down to. He takes a last bracing sip of wine and joins Sharon already in the middle of the floor ready to go. Right back to one of those good ol’ basement house parties. The two of them respond to the funk well together. When William does one of those syncopated stops and starts, Sharon answers with a move of her own. Sharon smiles as her body sways, jerks, and generally gets down.

William laughs and feels absolutely no pain. The next song, Stevie Wonder’s I Wish, put them in a place where they know they aren’t going to leave anytime soon. Other couples filter the dance floor. Their moves are curtailed somewhat with less space, but that brings them even closer together. With the pulsing dance floor, the DJ went for it, one after another…


One Nation Under A Groove

Got To Give It Up

Do I Do

William almost doesn’t make it through You & I, the seven minute Rick James jam. Forty minutes of nonstop dancing had him sweating like Paris Hilton on Jeopardy. Collapsing into his chair, William looks at Sharon. “Who are you?”

“Sharon Sharon bo baron banna fanna mo maron…..”

“Who am I? That’s for you to discover,” she responds with a laugh. A man with a sense of humor and he can dance. He has some smooth moves, classy, and confident, I like that.

“Whew, that was a workout, huh?” Sharon asks William. Perspiration beads line her forehead, her cheeks appear rosy, and her hair style is undone from such intense dancing, but for the first time how her hair looks doesn’t matter. All the money she paid didn’t bother her. She was in the moment, enjoying herself and her dancing partner. Sharon loved to dance.

“William, please order me another Martini and water refill, Maurice knows how I like it.” Dabbing her forehead and sides of her face with a table napkin, she informs him, “I need to use the ladies’ room, be right back.” Sharon makes her way to freshen up, all the while smiling to herself about how William can hang on the dance floor. Not like some guys either too cool to dance or lack the ability to catch the beat, which usually thrrows her off-rhythm if she looks at them too long.


Returning to the table, she notices William appears refreshed. “So Mr. Dancing Machine, would you like to order something to nibble on, I’m starving? There are some great soul food tapas on the menu, we can share a few different ones, make it interesting?” She asked while handing him a menu placed on the table earlier. Never one to hide her appetite like most women in front of a new man on the landscape, Sharon enjoys letting him know that she possesses a healthy enthusiasm for appreciating good food. William thought to himself, she is a woman who wants to eat food, my kinda lady. Decisive, too. I can get used to this.


Sitting at her desk at the office the next day, Sharon talks about William on the phone. “I’m telling you I haven’t felt this good about a guy in a while,” Sharon says to Kathleen, one of her three best, female friends. Kathleen questions in rapid fire, “Where did you meet him? What does he do for a living? Please tell me he has a job?” “Whoa, with all the questions–for now,” Sharon shoots back. “At this point, I’m not going to focus on what kind of work he does. I’ve learned that’s not the measure of a man. Didn’t Sidney Poitier write a book called, Measure of a Man? Anyway, look at all the so-called successful guys I’ve dated. Sure, they had the right job, right car, right house or apartment, right clothes…everything was perfect except them. This time, I’m taking a different approach. I want to know him before I know about him.” Sharon explains further, “I’m going with my instinct this time instead of a punch list.”

“You better keep that punch list,” Kathleen responds. “Look, we are going on a real date tomorrow night. Dinner downtown and then an after dinner walk at Hart Plaza. A romantic stroll along the riverwalk. At least that’s what I’m going to propose; I haven’t given him the details yet. I’ll call him when I get home this evening, ” says Sharon.

“You don’t think that’s too much too soon? Romance?” Kathleen jumps in. “Not really. This date will tell me how much distance he wants to keep from me. I do know two important things about him: one, he’s got some great moves on the dance floor and two, a wonderful sense of humor,” Sharon chuckles. Kathleen sarcastically strikes, “Dancing and laughter, that’s just great. Everyone knows those are the two most important factors for establishing a strong and lasting relationship.”

Sharon teases, “You’re jealous because hardly any of the guys you meet can dance. That’s if we don’t count Salsa nights.” “Leave our Salsa nights alone. You don’t seem to mind Salsa when dancing with Juan,” Kathleen says in a sexy manner.” “Ahhh…Si, Juan. Que hombre, he has 5 kids by 4 different women. I had to move on; the Latin lover is in the past. It’s a new day,” Sharon sighs. Kathleen snaps, “Oh really, at least I’m not embarrassed to say how I meet a man.”

Sharon states with slight irritation, “I’d rather not talk about how we met until I’m sure this is going somewhere. I’m not embarrassed. Suffice to say that I met him in the most unorthodox of situations, but the usual ways ain’t workin.” “You need to be careful,” Kathleen warns. “You know how you are.” Sharon closes her eyes to listen, then answers, “Yes, I will be careful, yes – I will look for warning signs.” She looks towards her office door. “Someone is knocking. Need to get back to work. I’ll keep you posted.”

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