Feng Shui

Untitled Fiction – Chapter 8


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Her office decor is a modern Zen aesthetic with red accents throughout, Sharon’s Feng Shui color is red, which represents good luck as told to her by a Feng Shui Master. Sharon hired the Master to evaluate how to arrange the space and place her furniture to achieve harmony according to the ancient Chinese practice. While working for the wine import company, achieving a sense of balance in her life became a priority at home, and at the office.

Sharon hangs up the phone and says, “Yes, come in.” Donovan, a junior member of the business development team walks in. “Hey, you!” Donovan enters, heads directly for the luxurious, red leather sofa placed against the wall. “You dumped us last week for our cocktail so someone or something must have been pretty important, hmmm?” He nosily asked.

“Well, that’s for me to know, isn’t it?” Sharon blushed while tapping her laptop keyboard. She rushed into another subject. “Did you send me the report we’re supposed to sign off on?” Sharon looks at him with a menacing glare. “Uhhh, that’s what I need to talk with you about. I need a bit more time. I’ll have it done by the beginning of next week. By Tuesday,” Donovan said nervously.

“Look, you know Tom will be on my back about that report. The new warehouse is supposed to be a go in a month, and we have one last supplier to firm up. I’ve got the buying trip to Tuscany next week, and that report has to be in before I leave. Pacing the floor, Sharon says, I’ll figure out something to tell him to give you more time, but Tuesday is it! I’ll check with you over the weekend to see how you’re progressing. You will be working on this over the weekend, right?” Sharon says in a tone more demanding than requesting. “Definitely Sharon,” Donovan answers.

“Say, is that a new vase?” Donovan asks. Ignoring his question Sharon states, “Let’s not get off topic. My head is on the chopping block, and if mine is, so is yours, is that understood?” “Yes, Sharon I get it. It’s done. It’s done.” Donovan answers sheepishly as he stands up. Sharon walks over to the door and opens it. “Fine, talk with you this weekend.”

She motions for Donovan to exit. Sharon closes the door in his face as he turns to say one last thing. She leans against the door and sighs. Then, walks over to the sofa, sits down and slips off her shoes. Sharon picks up the remote to the Bose radio on a table across the room, puts her feet up, lays her head back, and presses the remote button in time to hear playing, Do you promise to funk, the whole funk, nothin’ but the funk?, by the Funkadelics.

The song jolts her into sitting straight up, she jumps to her feet, and raises her right hand as if to swear in court. Sharon starts dancing while laughingly saying aloud, “Yes, I do promise to funk the whole funk, nothing, but the funk. A huge smile spreads across her face as she flashes back to the night at Café Noir on the dance floor with William.

William Stephenson and Rayne Showers

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