Detroit River

Untitled Fiction – Chapter 9


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Relaxing at home, Sharon walks around her condo living room, appreciating the view of the Detroit River and Windsor, Canada. She pours a glass of Viognier while listening to the velvety voice of Sachal Vasandani singing Storybook Fiction. Sharon places her wine glass on the side table next to the chaise lounge and prepares to make a call. She lies back on the chaise and dials William.

She takes a sip of wine while the phone rings. He answers during the third ring.
“Hello?” Sharon says.
“Hello,” says William.
“Well, how are you? This is Sharon. Café Noir Sharon.”
“No, you’re Sharon Sharon bo baron banna fanna mo maron.”
They both laugh.
“How’s your week so far?” Sharon asks.
“Just great and you?” William replies.
“Work and more work, Sharon answers.”
Beats of silence. Sharon stands up. Walks over to the window again.

“I’m calling not only to say hello, but to see if you’d be interested in going to dinner with me tomorrow night at the Rattlesnake?” “Then, thought we might take an after dinner stroll along the Riverwalk. I’m going to be out of the country next week and definitely would like to spend some time with you before I leave.”
Sharon holds her breath, hoping the proposal sounds appealing.


“Look who’s here this evening. You’ve been deserting us.” Greg says as he bends down, picks up Sharon’s hand to hold while kissing her cheek without acknowledging William’s presence. Sharon blushes as Greg holds onto her hand. William watches and feels some type of energy between them.

“Greg, this is William. William – Greg.
Do you remember each other from Café Noir?
“Sorry, I don’t remember you,” Greg says sarcastically.
William, always one with a sharp tongue, refrains from lashing the guy because he is too easy. “Same here my man.”
William keeps his eyes on Sharon shooting her a look to suggest she take care of the interruption post haste.

“Um, Greg is there something you want?” Greg wants to climb the stairway to heaven with Sharon but he settles for requesting a phone call.
“Sure, I’ll give you a call soon Greg. Give the gang my love.”
Greg takes the sting of the dismissal well, leaving behind his scent like a lion on the Serengeti.

“Comedy, poker and blue.” Sharon’s quizzical look turns into an appreciative smile as she realizes William is answering the questions she asked just before the interruption.

“Say man, you need to take that shit outside!” Now, there’s a scuffle by the front door.


The couple look toward the commotion, but can’t see what is going on. Then gasps of horrors follow a loud crash.

“Call 911!”

William reaches over and grabs Sharon’s hand. Let’s just stay back here until whatever is going on out there is taken care of. He knew from experience that running toward a situation isn’t the thing to do unless you are prepared to help.

“Look out!”

The unmistakable sound of glass breaking signals something is still going on. Most of the club patrons flee through available exit doors as the sound of sirens get closer.

“Damn, don’t look like this dude gonna make it, looks like he’s bled out already.” William avoided the sight of blood and he didn’t get excitement from violence either.
“Listen, I have no medical skills whatsoever. I could pass out at the sight of blood,” William explains.

Sharon calculates the time between Greg leaving and the glass breaking and feels a horrible blow to her gut by the possibility the hurt guy may be Greg.

Sharon! I’m saying we should hang back here until that situation plays out. She says nothing aloud but thinks to herself, “Okay…I guess so…but what if….I mean it may be…no..he was probably gone by the time…damn…I don’t know.

William Stephenson and Rayne Showers

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