Untitled Fiction

Sharon, a former environmental health and safety army officer, was an E-6 Staff Sergeant stationed in Afghanistan. She worked on processing and transporting safe water to units in the field. Her job entailed analyzing air, ground and water quality to identify sources of pollution,anticipate potentially hazardous effects and develop solutions. After serving, she returned home to Detroit and obtained a similar position in operation and maintenance to control safety and prevent health hazards in the City’s water supply system unaware of the brewing battle for control of the Detroit water system between the City and neighboring suburbs.


Sharon accompanies the transport of reverse-osmosis water purification units to a remote military company. The truck cargo is in a caravan between two armored assault vehicles. Along the bumpy road, the first assault vehicle is destroyed by a roadside, improvised explosive device (IED). An unknown assailant pops up from the bushes and shoots a rocket propelled grenade that destroys the rear assault vehicle.

The cargo truck is trapped between two flaming vehicles. Groups of attackers with small arms open fire on the cargo truck. A bullet flies in and kills Sharon’s commanding officer. She automatically takes control of the situation. Four army personnel in the truck are armed with M16s. Sharon orders them to exit the truck and return fire. As her comrades drop all around her; she commandeers the M60 machine gun mounted on the truck and holds off the enemy forces single handedly until reinforcements arrive as a result of the mayday call she manages to make in the midst of firing. The last thing she remembers is a grenade going off near her. A piece of shrapnel enters her left arm. Laying on the ground bleeding, Sharon passes out, unaware that reinforcements have arrived.

5 months later…

Lying in the VA hospital bed, Sharon receives a Purple Heart from a Superior Officer for being wounded and a Distinguished Service honor for going above and beyond the call of duty.

A New Day…

The decision to confront had been made. He took the longest route possible to the beauty parlor and didn’t have much pep in his step. He wished he was walking around the world. Then he’d have enough time to figure out what he was going to say. He had no reason to believe she was in there, but felt an unexplained certainty that she was.
“Your attention please. At least one of you women is getting her hair done for a man who is cheating on you. You probably already suspect it and may even be resigned to the notion that all men cheat. I’m here to tell you it doesn’t have to be that way. I don’t need to exploit the men vs. women numbers situation. All I need is one good woman that still has the capacity to trust. That rare ability is more important than looks so get up out of that chair and take a walk with me. I drive 5 Cadillacs, 4 Fords, no wait, that’s a song…

. . . continued

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