Urban Exploring

Urban Exploring

Abandoned buildings are usually seen as a problem in most major cities. They lower property values, cost money to take down, and are generally considered eyesores. However, there is an underground culture of people who have turned these structures into playgrounds of sorts. Some view them as trespassers, but they see themselves as Urban Explorers.

There’s no sure way to estimate how long Urban Exploring has been around, but over the past couple decades as economies have declined, and businesses have failed, more and more buildings have closed down and become vacant. This development lead to a huge growth in a fringe culture that has now become more well known.

Urban Explorers exist for a variety of reasons. Some for the love of history, some for the sake of photography, and some simply do it for the joy of adventure. No matter what city you live in if there are abandoned buildings, there are surely people that come for the sake of exploring those buildings.

One unique thing about Urban Exploring is the existence of a strong community. Throughout the Internet, there are numerous message boards and other websites that serve the Urban Exploring community. People exchange information, pictures, stories, and whatever else they have on their minds relating to exploring abandoned structures.

Equally important, Urban Exploring is illegal and carries a high amount of danger with it, which hasn’t stopped people from discovering structures that otherwise would go unexplored as they crumble to the ground over time. Despite your opinion on the matter, it’s nice to see that people still possess such an adventurous spirit, and while humans may have explored every corner of the earth, there’s plenty yet to see in what people from the past left behind.

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