Since late 1982 when I started my standup comedy career, I have spent very little time analyzing my act. When people that have not seen me perform ask what kind of comedy I do my response is “the funny kind”. And yes, I have always been a smart-ass. Over 30 years later I suppose is time enough to have some kind of handle on what I do.

Much of my material is gleaned from personal experiences. My first laugh came in my first open mic at Garvin’s Laugh Inn in DC. While working at a record store in Detroit, I waited on boxer Leon Spinks, he of no front teeth. It was so difficult understanding what he was saying, I wrote a joke about it.

Leon: I want to buy some Reefa Fraykin.
Me: We don’t sell marijuana.

For the most part, I love making fun of behavior I find rude, unnecessary, counter-productive and wrong. Like the idiots standing just inside the subway car and not getting off at the next stop. I don’t know if they don’t understand that space is needed for people getting on and off or don’t care. Either way, they are wrong and should be shunned. I always give them a decent stink eye as I squeeze past them shaking my head in disdain. Last winter in NYC there was an animal hat trend that bothered the hell out of me. It was like living in a petting zoo. I did see an Asian dude with a panda bear hat which was cute, but I couldn’t wait for the weather to break.

Since most of my audiences qualify as humans, I joke about things that all humans can relate to. I don’t have a “target” audience or try to appeal to any “demographic” because those things don’t matter to me. I will leave that to those more ambitious than I. (Everybody!) Anything marketing related has virtually no meaning to me. I’m fairly Amish when it comes to promoting even myself. I worry only about being funny and leave all the rest to….

Not sure how I want to finish this;

A. The Lord
B. Fate
C. The beaver

William Stephenson

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