Facebook Like Scams

White Jesus, Bill Gates, and other Facebook Like Scams…


If you are registered on the insanely popular social networking site, Facebook, you likely “like” a plethora of posts daily. Feel-good stories, feel-bad stories, stories of hope, humor, and stories of transformation, it’s all on the site. Given the aforementioned, this clearly leaves a loophole for the masses’ love of “likes” to exploited…and rest assured, exploitation is still in.

White Jesus

No, this isn’t a racially charged post. Rather, merely an astute observation from a conscientious observer…if I do say so myself. Several times daily, I witness posts with pictures of this religious figure with the accompanying message stating something along the lines of the following: “like if you love Jesus, keep scrolling if you love the devil!” Although I’m sure some may argue this is merely intended to be a reminder for Christ followers, I argue that this is nothing more than a reverse psychology method; extracting “likes” based upon your emotional connection to religion, and specifically, the man known as Jesus Christ. We can argue all day about the notion that the picture does not match the biblical description (in fact, we just might…at a later date).

However, what I don’t think anyone can dispute is that God (whatever you believe him/her/it to be) is not the creator of Facebook. Therefore, he/she/it is also more than likely not tallying how many times you “like” a cartoon post when deciding how one will spend their afterlife. Furthermore, If you pay attention, these posts are typically not posted by pastors or overly religious people, rather it’s usually the same few people repeatedly spreading them to secure high levels of “likes” and “comments.” Not the worst method in the world, I suppose…nevertheless…

Bill Gates

I regret to inform you that the richest man in the world will not be sending you cash in any denomination…simply for “liking” a post with his face on it. Of course, it would be nice, but if it seems to good to be true, it probably is! This one meme has been circulating for years, with various values attached to it…and no one has gotten paid yet..(and of course, you’re expected to “comment,” “like,” and “share”…you know…just in case). I think at this point, it’s safe to assume that ole Billy may have better things to do.

Besides, not one (that I have seen) was originally posted by Gates or any direct affiliate. Do you really think Joe Schmo would be the first to know about this?! While we’re on the topic of money, the lottery “winners” aren’t sending any of you “likers” money either. If you look closely at the ticket, most of them change the numbers, or the date of the ticket is after the date in which the winning numbers were originally announced. This could only mean that many people are running out to get previous winning numbers…just to get “likes” and attention on Facebook. An unheard of phenomenon, I’m sure…


I’m sure at some point someone will actually make good on one of these posts and prove me wrong..but so far, no dice! I’m not against anyone who makes these posts, per se. However, I’d be remiss if I didn’t mention the fact that they also have the potential to prey on the emotions of many naive subscribers.

People are having serious issues in terms of separating Facebook from reality. I’d really hate to see someone get hurt from a post that fails to make good on something that appears to many to be clearly fraudulent.

Venus L

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