4 Things To Do In Berlin On A Rainy Day

4 Things To Do In Berlin On A Rainy Day

If you are in Berlin and the sky is crying its heart out; don’t worry, there’s plenty of things you can do even when you usually wouldn’t want to go outside.

Here are my Top 4 Tips for a rainy day in Berlin:

1. Cinema “Hackesche Höfe Kino”

You’re thinking that you didn’t come to Europe to go to the movies, did you? True, but you should really try to check out this one, which is located in the middle of Berlin, right at “Hackescher Markt.”

This cinema is not one of those usual, huge, mass media cinemas you’re familiar with – this one is a cosy, individual, small cinema in the heart of Berlin. You can watch movies in several languages and won’t find the usual blockbusters here. Known for “off scene” independent movies from around the world, and worth checking out.

Admission: Mo-Tue: 7Euro, Wed-Sat: 8,50Euro


2. “Berliner Unterwelten” – Berlin Underground

Perfect for everyone who interested in Berlin’s history and who wants to go further than seeing a piece of the Berlin Wall or the obvious tourist places like “Fernsehturm” and “Brandenburger Tor.” The tour takes you underneath the city – “it gives you an insight into the history of the escape tunnels and delves into the subject of the subterranean border – in the subway and sewer systems, which were used by those trying to flee the east” (Unterwelten, 2013). For me, this is one of the most interesting and captivating tours in Berlin – it is so full of history and the atmosphere underground is thrilling and completely stunning.

Admission: 13 Euro


3. Climbing in the “T-Hall” –  Kletterhalle Berlin

Fancy some sport activity while you’re in Berlin? Well, check out T-Hall, an indoors climbing hall, with many different walls and things to challenge you. You are guided and assisted from their team. There are several walls, from beginner to experienced climber. Fun to do as a family or even by yourself!


Admission: 12,50 Euro


4. Dining in the Dark – “Unsicht-Bar”

Something for the adventurous amongst us. When you go to this restaurant, you are dining in the dark. Before you enter you choose if you want a vegetarian, meat, or fish dish – but that’s about it. You then have to taste, feel and smell what you are eating – because you don’t see a thing. The experience is very interesting, and it is an amazing and different food experience to “feel” when you have to depend on your other senses.

Admission: from 40,50-60,50 Euro



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