Is 40 the new 30

Is 40 the new 30? – A Story About Modern Lifestyle in the Digital Age


We tend to grow older, look younger, feel freer, and become detached from any serious issues in the world. Many people only worry about what they are going to eat for dinner, which dress they are going to wear for a date, and if he is going to call the next day.

We like, we share – we are connected with our friends at any time, anywhere. Are these really our friends? Rather, are we just “people collectors“ who add and add people to our social networks without even really knowing them? Someone who does not want to grow up, who identifies himself through the likes that he gets and the social friends he has – but actually would often be very alone and sad in the real world.

Can we get over-satisfied from everything? The constant ability to be able to get everything what we want at any time has made us a bit dull – and demanding at the same time.

At times, we are very demanding of ourselves when it comes to daily life. Wake up. Check messages and statuses. Get up. Shower. Get dressed. Hurry to the next train or bus station. Grab a coffee 2-go and some breakfast on the run. We are functioning in our daily routine and are often not thinking about what happens when we grow older.

What about getting married? Having a family? We might want that, but we don’t want to sacrifice anything for it – we want it all (as we are used to it from our daily business). We may want a husband, a child, a career, being in perfect shape, and a great social life, but we don’t just want to be a husband, wife, and employee.

There seems to be an endless demand so why should one settle either in one job, or in a single relationship? The tendency is to live the bachelor life way past your 30s because something better could always come around, right? You never have the time to feel lonely since you are always connected through your phone. It feels like you could date the whole world, so why settle?

I believe the restless attitude towards life can be fun and rewarding – but I also believe that one should eventually settle down, and see what’s most important; especially, offline.


Andrea Moellmann

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