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The Big Move


When I first realized I was moving, I failed to take my spirit into full consideration. I believe humans are tripartite beings: we are spirit beings, living inside of a physical body, possessing a soul. The spirit is the part of every man that never sleeps. He lives eternally and has always been in the mind of God long before we were ever placed into the womb of our physical mothers. Being body, our flesh eventually wears to death. Our souls are what dictate the realm of our mind’s will, imagination, emotion and intellect. So, when I heard, “It is time to move,” in my spirit, I immediately began thinking of a physical move. I failed to realize what was actually said to me. I heard it through the filter of my soul and flesh. However, it was later that what I heard accurately register acutely in my spirit.

Since I heard those words, much has happened. Though physically, I may seem to be in the same geographical location, I have indeed moved. The Bible tells me that I am to move from “faith to faith.” I mention faith often in these logs for one primary reason. Faith is the only way to believe in God, therefore without it, it is impossible to please Him. Everything in my spiritual walk begins and ends with faith.

Of late, more has been accomplished in my life by faith than I ever achieved without it. I have intentionally focused my energy on building faith, like a muscle. There are times of weariness, and bouts of fear, which must be overcome and moments where, intellectually, I have to remind myself (soul) that I am no longer choosing to live by the dictate of my flesh and I am dying to its demands.

I have to go with the Spirit. I have frequently thought, “What must Abram have felt when he chose to set out in search of a Promised Land without his family?” and “After twenty years of waiting for a son, being physically unable to reproduce, what must he have thought?” Then I am quickly reminded, “He did not waver at the promise. He believed that what God had promised, He was also able to perform.”

Man! I see why this man who is later called “Abraham” is named the “Father of Faith.”

Though I am beginning to grasp my move physically, I am not there yet. I have chosen to continue to stretch my muscles and attain as much faith strength as possible until the promise is fulfilled.

Kwjuana Thomas

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