Botox icated

Botox icated


I get that people want to stay young forever. You have a lot of fun when you’re young and you want to keep that going. Took me a while to fully understand my youth was gone, but once I did I was quite fine. Life comes in stages. You can fight it all you want, but you will either get older, and die, or just die.

So, why are so many women pumping poison (Botox) in their faces to look younger? You’re only fooling yourself. Your friends won’t tell you look crazy hideous because they still want to be your friend after an honest response to the question “How do I look?” Women are constantly bombarded with products that remove wrinkles.

Companies sell more products by playing on the fear of aging. They ask, “Why go around with all those wrinkles when you don’t have to if you use this goop?” Because you earned every last one of them. Wear your wrinkles as a badge of honor, denoting wisdom and experience.

The ability to change your facial expression will come in handy. Your kids will know when you mean business when you give them “that look” that you can’t provide when your face muscles are dead. Your “come hither” look is more robotic and fake when you use Botox.

Look at old pictures of yourself when you were hot instead of dressing like you did when you were.

Wear shoes you can actually walk in. Men don’t really care about footwear. Most of us understand you’re trying to impress other women. Guys that like stiletto heels aren’t really that deep. There is something very attractive about an older woman who appreciates her age. It’s a different type of heat that comes from within. Instead of fighting your transition, go with it. Release your inner beauty! Inner beauty is the only kind that counts.

William Stephenson

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