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Busting Stuff Up


I’ve entered a two-stage housing remodel and working with a lean budget. A few rooms, floors, walls, fixtures, foundation repair, contractors and plumbing issues quickly run the register tape into the +$20,000. What’s fun about this project is I don’t have that kind of money! It could come. But I’m feeling like I am learning to be resourceful and I am stretching my faith in a whole new arena. Water walking starts in…3-2-1.

I held a yard sale a couple weeks back to clear my spaces of clutter, in preparation for the changes abreast. Only four people came over the three days. . . maybe six, if I count the Craigslist shoppers who answered ads in the days leading up to the event. Of those six people, four have become significant resources: labor, talent, time, and knowledge. I have seemingly amassed a ragtag crew of able-bodied, willing people to come into my home and bust up stuff and refurbish my spaces.

I have decided to release the general contractor and enter negotiation with the foundation repair company. I have become a general contractor over my project. Granted, my father is a general contractor and artist, and I am good with my hands (so I know the juice is in me somewhere). But I have never handled a scope of work of this magnitude. This house is big. To my benefit, I have nothing but time and a generous timeline with which to work. I’ve been spending lots of time in quiet, peaceful rest to combat fear and the feeling of being overwhelmed. In theory, I have squinched a $25,000 job down to $7,500. Nothing the Holy Spirit, YouTube and a ragtag crew of creative DIYers can’t handle.

I’m excited to tabulate the final numbers and see how we fair in actuality with our theoretical budget. From my perspective, an entire elephant can be eaten one bite at a time with a tasty sauce.

Kwjuana Thomas

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