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Kristina Larry’s dedication to providing excellent legal counsel and her community activism on behalf of those who are underserved and at-risk reflects the solid public service foundation upon which she stands as Attorney and Certified Mediator. Her firm Sassy Litigations, and complementary service lines, The Seattle Wedding Lawyer and The PreNup Princess provide all the guidance needed for every marriage-related scenario. 
Led by Kristina, Sassy Litigations also provides legal services in the areas of family law, wills, bankruptcy, and small business. No matter whether she is demonstrating fierceness in the courtroom, mediating a challenging case, working through a prenup for a happy couple, or engaged in volunteerism Kristina’s poise, intellect, and discerning personality brightly shines. 

Susy Soravia⎯Brains, Beauty, and Karate Moves

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Don’t mess with Susy. Susy Soravia is a 4th degree Black Belt who also carried the Olympic Torch for the 2012 London Summer Olympics through her village in Wales. Her background includes English, Turkish, and Italian heritage. Although she has been deaf from birth; interestingly, she does not know sign language but instead lip reads very well. Susy is a statistician and trainer for the local police force. In addition, she recently opened Kickstart Inclusion Karate, Wales, where she encourages all her students to “Go for it!”


The Calling of Rick Toms

Few people become driven to help solve a particular problem. Few people decide to solve a specific problem occurring in countries other than their own. Yet, Rick Toms is one of those people.

Beneath his unassuming nature lies a passion for helping those without limbs. Some of the people the organization he founded, Limbs For U helps are without limbs due to birth defects and accidents. Others are civil war survivors in countries where for years controlling rebels left children, women, and men without limbs.


Listening to Rick explain how he stepped into this calling is inspiring. Simultaneously, the conditions he describes that he found in the Dominican Republic, and Sierra Leone remind us how small the world really is, and makes us think about our roles as global citizens. From an entrepreneur to humanitarian, Rick Toms demonstrates how one man with the help of others can make a positive difference anywhere in the world.

Ann Levorn

Dr. Heather Evans – Intrapreneurship

On a Thursday afternoon this past April, Dr. Heather Evans, took a break from her busy day as Associate Professor of Surgery at University of Washington, and Director of Surgical Infectious Disease at Harborview Medical Center to talk about her clinical work, her work as a surgeon, associate professor, and medical researcher. The doctor’s warmth shines through while talking about her life experiences and the pursuit of medical knowledge. However, one is struck by how unassumingly she describes being one of the few women on the same path during her journey to become a surgeon. The doctor toggles between all her roles, both personal and professional. Nevertheless, in her role as trauma surgeon she passionately strives daily to deliver quality care to patients regardless of their socioeconomic status in the Seattle community.

Dr. Evan’s intrapreneurship has resulted in the development of MPower, a mobile app that will help improve treatment aftercare. Although she displays the personality of our warm and fuzzy TV doctors from the past, she definitely is a 21st century physician. Her perspectives on using technology in the medical field versus our rights to privacy are compelling. Dr. Evans is a strong proponent of the benefits incorporating mobile technology into our healthcare system can potentially bring, and as a training doctor she possesses a strong sense of responsibility to those under her tutelage.

Ann Levorn

Rocket Man For Real

Nat Seymour Running Photographer

Photo credit: Nat Seymour
Running Photographer Courtesy of
Be Technical Graphics

In our daily lives, most of us are not presented with an opportunity to interact with an aeronautics engineer. One may think an aeronautics engineer’s personality might be staid, or disengaging to a nontechnical person. Well, the total opposite is true in the case of Nat Seymour.
In 2013, shortly after the MIT Enterprise Forum panel discussion at the Museum of Flight in Seattle, WA on Space commerce, tourism, and mining in space, MIT graduate Nat Seymour shared with fromacloud his passion for rockets, fluid systems, explosions (the safe kind, of course), and the importance of engineers in society.

A career transition from engineering to photography seems to be a perfect fit for him. No matter whether he is running backwards in a marathon to take in the moment shots of a marathon runner or teaching a photography course or taking photographs during social and corporate events, Nat’s engineering background still plays a role in his approach to capturing the essence of his subjects.

He is also a published author, and his exciting novel Rocket Religion allows us to take a great ride through the eyes of an engineer. Rocket Religion is available on Amazon.

Nat’s interview will make you think about engineers in a different way.

Ann Levorn

Rocket Religion Book Cover

Photo credit: Courtesy of
Nat Seymour, Author
Available on Amazon

Nat Seymour Photo

Photo credit: Nat Seymour, Photographer
Courtesy of Be Technical Graphics

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