Coal Vines Pizza & Wine Bar in Kansas City

In Italy, you can easily find a plate of wonderful without much effort. Locate any local café or nearby tabacchi and you can undoubtedly find something to tantalize those taste buds. It’s what I miss most about my personal culinary mecca. Italy to me has the richest flavor of any other cuisine. Here in the U.S., we work hard for our flavor, but over there, it’s just in the air, and the water. By utilizing fresh traditional ingredients, typically, the outcome is the best damn thing you’ve ever had. My world was completely turned anew after I fell into a deep, rich, and indulgent relationship with cheese.

Honestly, ask yourself, where would the world’s everyday cooking and cuisine be without the quality and decadent cheeses of Italia? Everything from pasta to pizza relies on artisan cheeses made or imported from Italy. Many are already familiar with the country’s beloved cheeses found in almost every nook and cranny of Italy. However, the fact that there are more than 450 varieties is enough to drive this American to deliriously salivate at just the thought. Pizza all over Italy has subtle variations depending on regions, but overall you can do no wrong with a cheesy slice of iconic pizza.

I began to take this trip down memory lane after eating at Coal Vines Pizza & Wine Bar in Kansas City for restaurant week. Although the establishment considers its pizza New York style, I found it remnant of a slice you can find in Firenze, but do yourself a favor and share the 14-inch pie. The white special consists of the holy trinity of cheese: mozzarella, ricotta, and parmesan. So, for good measure, I added chicken and mushrooms. Though a little overpriced, the trademark coal oven, ensures you a tasty thing and crispy crust.

The atmosphere is inviting, and it’s an obvious place for dinner and drinks with friends.

Stefanie Penn

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