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Customer Service

6 years passed since I started wearing glasses, and I’ve been overdue for an exam by about 4. I finally made an appointment a couple of weeks ago and went into a neighborhood optician for the exam and new glasses this Monday. At 2:20 I called the office to make sure my 3:40 appointment would be on time. I don’t do doctors or dentists or any medical procedures well and the last thing I want to do is wait around to be tortured. I explained this to the receptionist on the phone and she said there would be a wait involved. “How long is the wait?” I don’t know.”

OK, well, I needed her to find out so I sat on hold for a minute while she got the info. A doctor who didn’t know why I was calling came on the line. After another explanation, the doctor said it would be 3 o’clock before I would be seen. I told him I would be there at 3 and he suggested I come in at 2:40 anyway to fill out the necessary paperwork. The office was 4 blocks from my crib and I walked over at 2:35. I filled out the forms, paid 45 bucks for the exam and took a seat. The waiting area was filled and I noticed the murmurings of the discontent. 3:00 comes and goes and other folks are going in to get taken care of. At 3:05, I go back to the desk for an update.

“You’ll be next.”
“And how long will that be?”
“I don’t know.”
“Can you please find out?”
“No, I can’t go in while the doctor is seeing a patient.”

All righty then, I told her I would wait another 5 minutes and then ask for my money back if they were not ready for me. The receptionist looked through some papers in a box hanging outside the exam room door. She then hits me with this; “It’s going to be another 45 minutes or so.”

Oh, HELL no. I got my money back and left. If they had been upfront with me from the get go I might have stuck around. You can’t lie to me AND take my money!

After calling a few other places in my neighborhood with no luck, I expanded my search and found a place a couple of miles away. The lady on the phone with a pleasant voice was happy to take my appointment for the next day. She offered to “hook me up” when I told her I didn’t have insurance and would be paying cash. I told her of my experience with waiting and was told “we don’t do that.” Of course, they did exactly that.

I went in 5 minutes early the next day. The doctor was late and when she came out and called another name I told her of my 3 pm appointment. (it was now 3:20) I asked if she had a clue when I would be seen. The other name offered to let me go next and the doctor took me in for my exam. The doc thanked the other name and seemed to be pissed at me! I probably should have walked at that point, but I didn’t want to have to go through this rigamarole again. After the exam, I was told I didn’t have glaucoma and was showing the beginnings of cataracts they couldn’t do anything about. Back in the front with the receptionist, I looked through the frames for my new specs. It didn’t take long to find what I needed. My old frames were made by Burbury and the new ones Versaces. (Apparently, designer frames are the only ones worthy of new glasses).

I get that exams can take longer than expected etc., but at least let a person know so their time is not wasted while you make the max money by taking walk-ins. After I pick up my new glasses next week, I will be sure to offer them a little speech about customer service, and why I will not visit them again.

William Stephenson

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