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Faith: An Anecdote

During this time in 2012, my sister informed me she was going to Vancouver, British Columbia to graduate school. A few months later, she boarded a plane to move to the city she had never visited and entered an academic program. In a couple of months, she will be graduating, with honors, from that same program.

This anecdote comes to mind because, like her, I am facing a big move, one that will define my destiny.

When she boarded the plane to leave, only twelve hours prior, we had no money ($0.00). All she had was an agreement to live with some strangers and some scholarship money. No plane fare, no ticket, no rent money or deposit, only a dream, and the reality―a portion of the tuition was better than none. She literally took flight on that. We went to dinner to celebrate with family and neither she nor I could afford our meals. I actually did not eat. Twelve hours later, she was on a plane flying to Vancouver, BC.

Faith. Faith. Faith. It is defined in the bible as “…the substance of things hoped for, the evidence of things unseen.” I like the definition, “the stuff dreams are made of.” Whichever definition you prefer, I think we can all agree faith is invisible. It is a belief in what does not exist. I have met many people in my life over the years who do not believe in what cannot be calculated, seen or held. They need explanations for everything. If someone mentions God, Jesus, or Holy Spirit, they may become violent or abusive. That’s their issue. I love them no less; many of those I am mentioning are people who I have called friends. However, the fact remains, if you want to believe, you don’t lose.

At 7am the next morning, my sister came to my room to say her flight left at 11am. I needed to begin to rise to send her off. When we went to bed, all she had was a promise and resolve! I am still not quite sure how all the money got into her bank account. I remember telling her she needed to tell our family she was without a ticket. The image that sticks out most in my mind was the “faith initiative.” She had a portion of a scholarship, housing lined up had been accepted into the university, she was helped. However, if she had not moved forward on those things and merely asked for the fare, her request would have most likely been denied.

Really, I am just encouraging myself here. If you get encouraged, that’s fantastic! Ask God what He has for you and believe whatever He says. Go out and believe for something! Sometimes we all need a boost of faith, I have been called faithful, so, what I have, I give it freely.

Kwjuana Thomas

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