Glory Seka Mkini and Chad Redlight of Dawn Love and Activism – A Powerful Combo

With a smile that lights up a room, Seka is a founding member of the Jua Lekundu Foundation established to help children and communities in the Arusha Region of Tanzania, East Africa where Seka spent her childhood (Jua Lekundu Foundation Facebook, 2013).

When Seka was eighteen, she left her home in Arusha and followed her adventurous spirit to America. Six months later she received a letter from home telling her that her mother had died of cancer. Within a few years, Seka lost her three sisters and several other family members to AIDS. She is now the only woman left in her family (Jua Lekundu Foundation Facebook, 2013). Seka’s yearning to help her community in Arusha stems from her personal loss of family members, and many others in Arusha who lost their lives to AIDS. The region’s public health needs overwhelming local resources became the impetus for creating an organization that could make a difference.

Married for 9 years, Seka and Chad’s story is not only one of love for each other, but also their story is about love of community, and music. During the mid-2000s, Seka and Chad visited Arusha and witnessed children living on the street. The AIDS crisis left many children orphaned. They learned that many areas of Arusha life needed improvement. From a severe lack of education, poor access to quality water, the absence of nutritive food to inadequate healthcare and deficient everyday skills, help was needed.

In the interview, the couple share some highlights of their journey on the path to finding each other and carrying the weight of activism while navigating obstacles along the way.

To learn more about the Jua Lekundu Foundation visit

Chad Redlight of Dawn, drummer and keyboardist lends his musical talents to enhance the sound of Seattle musicians like Thaddillac, and bands such as Marmalade. You can find him touring with Luc & The Lovingtons, and Seka taking care of their lovely children.

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