Good Evil

Good and Evil

At any given time, there is at least one place in the world embroiled in chaos. War, famine, flooding, drought, and any number of events that change the course of many lives for the worse. I often wonder why the entire planet doesn’t fold into a massive catastrophic state every day all day. People just running into every street screaming and shooting folks in the butt everywhere you go. As the battle between good and evil rages on, I have to figure good is winning and the side to be on. It is a close contest, but more good things happen than bad. It seems we have more things to be thankful for than reasons for regret.

We will rush into a store after waiting in the freezing cold 47 hours to get a good spot in line and trample anybody in the way to save 24 bucks on the latest “craze sweeping the nation.” On the other hand, we park our cars in the lot fairly between the lines (most of us) and not just jam our vehicles into any space close to the entrance of the mall. I believe that to be a sign we have not totally lost it.

People still stand in the doorways of subways and buses, but if somebody actually falls under a bus, we will do all we can to rescue him or her. When we start saying “hey fuck that guy, I gotta get to work!,” we can all cancel Christmas. For every deranged madman with a gun that shoots up a school or mall, there are a million slightly less disturbed crazies that don’t murder anybody at all.

Cyber crimanerds are stealing our identities left and right, which is one of the worst things that have happened in the Internet world, but there are still very cute kittens for us to marvel at available.
Marijuana is well on its way to legalization, but alcohol is still consumed by the young impressionable among us who don’t yet have the maturity to handle it.

Pharmaceutical companies bombard us with pills for every discomfort yet warn us (in very fine print) the cure they offer might also kill us; or cause us to want to kill ourselves. The good news, there is a segment of the population fixated on eating healthier so they won’t need the pills in the first place.

Our landscape is littered with people that crave attention without offering anything but fodder for ridicule. People get paid big time for opening their lives to a nosy America that loves to mind the business of others. For balance, there are any number of talented musicians, artists, and entertainers who are able to share their higher given gifts without the hoopla of the fame hunters.

I have seen plenty of good and evil in my earthly time and I continue to be amazed by the fact that the beat goes on, and the big wheel keeps on turning. It must be the good keeping things afloat.

William Stephenson

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