Hook Me Up: Defining The 'Hook-Up' Culture as an Evolution from the Dating Days of Yore

Hook Me Up: Defining The ‘Hook-Up’ Culture as an Evolution from the Dating Days of Yore

Recently, I came across a debate amongst a group of associates. The underlying query being whether or not the dating world has been replaced with a so-called “hook-up” culture. Though I am typically a lover of perspective-based discussions as related to society at large, much to their surprise and mine, I opted to stay out of the conversation altogether. A fool can see that the ways and methods of pursuing a relationship, (or merely relations), has changed drastically over the years. Rather than debate about the state of relationship-making overall, I have opted merely to define this ‘hook-up’ culture for what it seems to be…

How To Hook-Up

If you’ve recently uttered the words, “Follow me on Twitter” or “What’s your Facebook URL?” you are well aware that the technology age has changed virtually everything about the way in which the world communicates and stays in touch. Gone are the days you only could reach someone via telephone or see them in person. Today, relationships are formed without ever meeting the person in the flesh…

And About that “Flesh”…

In a world where sex is thought of as a casual action rather than a lifelong act of bonding, sexual favors are traded at an accelerated rate, and it seems as though we are skipping the date-party altogether. Since sex is no longer thought of as the end-all-and-be-all of relationships, sex is often the first thing on the table in terms of negotiations. Sexual prowess is now boasted about in place of cooking skills and credit scores as most are not looking for anything long-term anyhow.

So…What is the ‘Hook-up’ Culture?!

In a nutshell (pun unintended), the “hook-up culture” describes new-age thinkers who prefer instant gratification over situations of longevity.

There is no need to date and get to know one another when:
A. You’re not even sure if you will like this person tomorrow
B. You’ve already learned all you need to know about them from their social network pages.

Some down or condemn this way of thinking, but given the fact that our divorce rate has been hovering around 50% for quite a while, clearly no one has all of the answers. Personally, I say as long as you’re safe and honest with your mates you should do what makes you happy. However, on the flip-side, be mindful of the fact that we do not always control our destinies and a temporary ‘hook-up’ can turn into a life, long of letdowns.


Venus L

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