Need a little soundtrack to muffle out your clinking drinks?! Happy hour is just a Ty Showers song away! Try ‘In A Bottle’ on for size; an awesome jazz funk fusion that is sure to get you moving and those drinks flowing!

Calming yet cheerful, this is the type of track you can just jam or mellow out to. Filled with interesting percussion sounds as well as some uncanny instrumentation, this tune is like a party in a track. With a funky introduction that opens up and slowly trickles out into cool, jazzy core of the track, the tome is set from the moment you press play on this piece. Ending just as strong as it begins, this track keeps up the party-like pace until it slowly tapers off at the end.

This is for those evenings/ weekends off…or any other time you can getaway for drinks, or even if you just wish you could. You don’t have to be a drinker/partier to appreciate the ambiance of this track (though it certainly helps) all you need to do is be able to appreciate a good time and even greater music. Need to unwind with a few drinks?! Play ‘In A Bottle’ by Ty Showers and you’re already halfway there…

Venus L

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