A Look Into Reality

A Look Into Reality

Humanity is a mystery. Even to humans it’s hard to contemplate, humanity can seem like something detached from you, some sort of giant subculture to observe, yet you’re a part of it, without any real choice. To some people it may seem more plausible for this whole mess to be an experiment, like lab rats on a giant table in some room.

Even to articulate all of the thoughts flowing through one’s head regarding humanity can be painful to attempt, who knows what “real” is anyways. The answer to the question “Why?” comes with a saddening disillusion from everything in general. Regardless of any nihilistic viewpoint one may hold, pain is still here, and pleasure forever desired. So, as fake as we might want inevitably to be, we have to be real, no matter how much pain the world may hold.

There are countless ways to look at reality, the world, humanity, and everything around us, both positive and negative. Regardless of your opinion on reality, you still wake up everyday and fall asleep every night. To say any of it can be figured out seems to be a lie. When it comes down to it, humanity may never make much sense to all of us, but we experience it every day.

There’s no real purpose for this piece of writing besides to inspire thinking. We’re all here, aren’t we? Yet for some reason we hardly seem to ask why, or what here really is. No matter what, we know what we see, and what seems real to us, but could this be a dream? Could our dreams be reality? Or where we go after life? What does happen after life?

These are a lot of questions I think can really benefit humanity if only they were asked, more. While the answers will probably never be reached, it’s always good to train your brain to contemplate things such as your existence, and everything around you.

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