A budding legend in his own right, the latest Canadian export, Gyre has been writing and recording his own brand of electronically charged, downtempo, chill out music for upwards of 17 years. A champion of instrumentation, this multifaceted musician is adept in playing an array of instruments and possesses a plethora of other music-related proficiencies. Perhaps most notably, he plays the drums, guitar, bass, harmonica, accordion and he even performs vocals.

A certain prodigy of sorts, Gyre has also been playing the piano since the ripe old age of 4, reads and writes standard notation, and freely utilizes musical theory when creating his epic compositions. Almost equally impressive, the artist has been producing and mixing for nearly a decade.

Presently focusing on his musical future, this rising star has been broadening his horizons. Now flexing his talents in an alternative rock band by the name of “RDO” or Roy Davidson Orchestra, Gyre has also added the prestige of ‘lead singer’ and ‘rhythm guitarist’ to his already stellar resume. To top it all off, he has taken on the hat of musical entrepreneur. Co-founder of his own recording company, Yamamonkey Records, specializing in recording and promoting fellow local indie artists, this young mogul promises his following a fanciful trip to the top. Indeed, meet our new star, Gyre!

Venus L

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