Mestizo Restaurant Review Leawood Kansas

Mestizo Restaurant Review Leawood Kansas

7-DSC_0148When I heard Chef Aarón Sánchez, the co-star of the Food Network’s hit series Chopped was opening a Mexican restaurant in what’s considered Leawood’s downtown, my first concern was that the food would be overpriced, and the menu limited because let’s be real, in Kansas City, we are used to one thing.

Mexican food in this town is rather one note. You have your classics like El Patrón and Manny’s over on Southwest Boulevard, but at Mestizo’s, good luck ordering a burrito spread. It is anything but traditional, but that’s Sanchez’s intention; reinventing and reimagining authentic Mexican dishes.

If you’re one who’s not impressed by the celebrity association, let the food speak for itself.

To start off, I recommend the savory, cheesy goodness that comes in the form of the Queso Fundido. While you have three options, I of course chose the chorizo and potatoes. Upon arrival to the table, you could still see the cheese bubble from the heat of the cast iron and there was enough chorizo to flavor the dish without overpowering the cheesy goodness. The appetizer comes with homemade tortillas that are thick and filling, and oh so comforting.

Mestizo offers four taco options: skirt steak, braised beef tongue, crisp pork belly and grilled mahi-mahi, all vibrant in flavor, but lacking in heat. The mahi-mahi can fall a little bit flat, but the skirt steak is juicy tender heaven.

The menu mainly has tapas style sharable plates, so it is definitely a place to try new things and get a feeling for Sánchez’s culinary background. Even though this is Sanchez’s first endeavor outside of New York, I’d say he brought something innovative and oh so savory to the heartland.

Mestizo is meant to represent Mexico as a fusion of cultures and Sanchez successfully incorporates that diversity and uniqueness into his Mexican cuisine.

Stefanie Penn

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  • Adriana

    Everything about this review sounds delicious! The pictures does the writings justice, cannot wait to try it out. Thanks for sharing, yumm!