continued from part 1

What Else Would You Do

If you had not become a comedian, was there a Plan B?
Sitting in a bell tower with a high caliber rifle. Oh, you mean for a job?  Bass player or drummer.

NY or LA

Why did you choose to work in NYC instead of LA?
I thought I could handle the crazy of NYC as opposed to the madness of Hollyweird.

Where’s the Love

What do you love about NYC and what do not like so much?
Don’t have much love for NYC at all.  Too many people in one space and the general arrogance of New Yorkers is disturbing.

On the Road

Do you like to travel to perform or you prefer to stay in NYC?
I enjoyed traveling in the beginning, then tired of it and now I’d like to get back out there.

Standup, TV, Movies

You have performed standup around the country, appeared on hit TV shows and made appearances in mainstream and independent films, and documentaries. Is there one medium you like more than another? What’s the difference between standup, TV, and movies for a comedian?
Standup, no question.  The immediate feedback.  Movie comics have to wait a good year before the work gets rewarded.

Comedy over Acting

Did you ever consider becoming a comedic actor and step away from the stage? If so, what prevented you from pursuing such a path?
I enjoyed acting in high school, but once I got stand up in my system, it’s hard to get out.

A Process to the Laughter

Do you write material in preparation for a performance or improvise?
I have a general idea of what jokes I want to do and depending on the audience, will improvise when I feel the moment calls for it.

You are a strong writer. Is it hard for you to write? What is your writing process?
I go through periods of really enjoying writing, followed by a pure hatred for it.  I never had a writing job so I don’t really have a process.  I sit in front of the computer and hope for the best.

What Makes a Good Joke

Can a lack of timing and delivery affect good comedic writing or can good comedic writing stand alone?
Depends on the amount of funny in the joke itself.  It’s hard to mess up a great joke, but excellent timing and delivery can enhance a so so joke.

How and where do you try out new material?
Jokes go through a gestation period.  Many times it takes several deliveries, editing, and tweaking.  First thing is just to get it out of your mouth, then you check the response to see how you can get it where you want it.


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