Nina Blanka

Count Up Artist Nina B. Blanka Podcast

Nina B. Blanka is a name you notice. The young woman who carries this name is definitely not one to be ignored. A rapper from the ATL hip hop scene, Nina B. Blanka’s music communicates the importance of developing one’s strengths and having control through independence. She’s a young woman with an incredible drive for achieving her dreams. The powerful combination of beauty, talent, and business acumen makes her, a Boss.

During a recent conversation, Nina B. Blanka expressed, “My music is considered CountUp music. It’s a fun music that talks about being a Boss and working hard to get what you want out of life. I want to inspire young people not to depend on others for self worth, but to feel good about having a job, working hard to climb the ladder of success, and be in positions of power.”

Developing a musical interest was no accident. Growing up in Detroit, and being able to absorb the greatness of the “Queen of Soul” Aretha Franklin in proximity over many years instilled in her not only a love of music, but also a love for the process of creating music. In her youth, she began to write poetry, which led to her writing rap lyrics. She has a strong work ethic and often works 17 hours a day, but creating music does not feel like work to Nina B. Blanka.

Not only does she write some of the hardest hitting lyrics, she also has a head for business managing one of the biggest recording studios in the ATL area, “Hot Beats Recording Studios,” where many of today’s hip hop stars spent session time such as Lil Wayne, Nicki Minaj, Drake, and many more.

Well known in the ATL music community, Nina B. Blanka continues to make waves as the “Banjo Boss,” a term she created when her first mixtape, “Banjo Lingo” was released. Nina B. Blanka says “Banjo means money, and most refer to money in the South as Bands. I just put my own twist on it! I love being original, setting trends, and being the girl that’s different.”

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