The Rise of the Personal Chef – "Pushing for Perfection"

Today culinary delights are introduced to us through the media by celebrity chefs who duel to encapsulate the flavor, technique, and presentation of an entree or dessert just before time runs out in a competition. We also enjoy television show segments with only seconds allotted to show us how we can duplicate celebrity chef recipes at home, or we can leisurely watch a chef’s television show for an hour, as he or she seems to talk directly to us. Beyond watching back to back shows on food channels, thanks to YouTube, we can spend even more time watching video of celebrity chefs. Some people consider celebrity chefs the supermodels of the 21st century.

Nevertheless, a category of chefs exist who deserve their own accolades—the personal chef. Personal chefs are not a new phenomena. The wealthy have always had someone to prepare meals in a corporate setting at the executive level, and in their homes. However, a burgeoning middle class in the U.S. began to adopt personal chef services as one of the affectations of becoming upwardly mobile. Hiring a chef to come into one’s home to personalize a multi-course meal is a delightful experience. If the chef happens to be as personable, entertaining, and knowledgeable about food and wine as Chef Jay DeLong of Canapé Speciality Chef Services, your experience is guaranteed to be superb.

From upstate New York watching his mom cook at home as a child and licking the wooden spoon in her kitchen to learning how to grill for the family, Chef Jay’s impressive culinary career that led him to the Seattle area is grounded by strong culinary influences. From classical French training, dedication to creating dishes using fresh seasonal ingredients, to providing satisfying client services, and teaching at a local college, Chef Jay is the consummate professional.

Recorded in 2013, Chef Jay allowed fromacloud to interview him before he began personal chef services on an early fall evening. Watch snippets of Chef Jay’s preparation and listen to him describe his amazing gastronomic journey.

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Ann Levorn

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