Rockin' Your Fails: On The Trial and Error of Natural Hair

In case you aren’t yet aware, the term “natural hair” typically refers to an African-American, “black,” or “brown” woman’s hair. A woman whose hair is natural has decided to embrace the innate texture of her hair, rather than use straightening chemicals. The natural hair movement is gaining more steam. However, many women were apprehensive about taking this step as information on natural hair care has been scarce until recent years. Indeed, finding someone to help you apply a lacefront wig is far easier than finding someone to help you tame your natural black or brown mane…

To Try is to Fail…

From what I gather, most women who prefer chemically relaxed hair, do so because they are at least somewhat afraid of having to manage their own kinky coils in their natural state. Given the fact that much of the natural hair world is based on DIY styles, I can imagine how this would intimidate anyone who has no prior experience in hair care.
Fear not! Hairstyling doesn’t have to be so serious. If you try something and it doesn’t work, try something else! A lot of what women fear is actually what makes dealing with natural hair so exciting. No two people have the same exact hair type; thus, a product or style that worked great for one Naturalista, may result in an epic hair fail for another.

Make it Work!

All hairstyles are based on trial and error, not just natural ones. To create a new style, hairdressers have to envision it and execute the style, either on themselves or a client. Natural hair is no different. If you’ve never styled your hair before, expect the first time not to be perfect. Sometimes twists-outs become Afros and coils become twists, but do not become discouraged! There is an array of styles for you to try, and sometimes you stumble upon your own signature look whilst mimicking someone else’s awesomeness.

The Bottom Line…

Our hair is unique as a fingerprint. There is no cookie-cutter way to wear your hair. You have to discover what works for you, and work it out!!

Venus L

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