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"Second Hand“ and Retro Nerds – A story of living in Berlin

I do love old, refurbished furniture that looks unique. However, I wouldn’t necessarily pay 3 times more than I actually have to pay for newly bought design furniture. The vibe in Berlin is very “organic.” People buy organic bio food - becoming “vegan” is one of the seemingly biggest trends here right now. There’s vegan coffee even, which is often served with rice milk, and tastes like warm coffee pudding.

I am all for “sustainability” and for becoming more aware of our surroundings, and our earth, but do I have to wear vintage clothes that cost a fortune just to prove that I’m pro-“sustainability”?

Being “vegan” is one of the most popular trends amongst these types of people. I admit that a lot of us should watch our diets because many people eat too much meat and too much unhealthy stuff. In addition, I will admit that some of the vegan foods I try are really delicious. In my opinion, being vegan (which basically means that you are a vegetarian, but on top, you don’t eat any products that are made from animals – for example milk, cheese, butter, or eggs) is not healthy nutrition and your body is not designed to miss all those nutrients.

Sustainability is “the” trend word for me in 2013/2014 – it is everywhere! Do I have to wear 40 year old jeans, which I paid 400 dollars for, and do I have to drink 8 dollar vegan coffee to contribute to world sustainability? I don’t think so. The 8 dollar coffee still gets served in a plastic cup which you just throw away, and you could have easily donated some of the 400 dollars to a good cause instead of spending it on ONE!

Moreover, second hand clothing might not be really second hand. Maybe the store owner buys the clothes from a cheap retailer, has a big party with all of her friends with the goal to wreck the clothes and make them look worn as much as they can. Maybe not, but I like the thought of rolling around in the mud with my friends, as my profession.

Although these “hipsters” are all about being an individual, unique, and world changing people with all their philosophies and worldviews – they are really the biggest mainstream crowd that exists right now. Perhaps if they see that, they wouldn’t always be so opinionated, thinking they can change everything by wearing expensive vintage jeans.

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