Strategic Capital Budgeting – Distributed Energy Management

A strategic capital budget is more than just a pot of money to buy large, expensive equipment.  It is a plan that was designed to meet your current day operational needs as well as support future growth of your business. A strategic capital budget for efficiency is just that – a plan for how to save capital today to better improve your business tomorrow. Indeed, there are many improvements that will save you money and many that you could pursue. However, it is not always possible to do every one. Which areas of your business will have the highest impact on energy reductions? Which ones will have the highest impact on your bottom line?

Sadly, today there is very little visibility into how efficiency can improve your business case. Frequently business owners have a mindset that energy is not something they have control over, or they just pay the utility bill without thinking about it. Retrofit programs and upgrades abound, but they are each very expensive and can take a lot of time to learn, to understand the nuances, and to finance. There has been very little transparency to help business owners make those tradeoff decisions between capital improvements.

At DEM, we understand these challenges and we put your business needs first. We start by first understanding your business goals. We then investigate your energy needs. From there, we help match the energy goals that give you the best returns. We put you on a savings plan that allows you to reach that goal in a timeframe that makes the most sense. We realize that every customer is different and we are ready to work within your constraints.

In addition to bringing clarity to the budgeting decision, we work with you in drafting a plan to reach your goals. We help you set aside funds early on a monthly basis. We then apply your savings to executing efficiency investments that reduce your operating costs. We are able to capture the utility cost reductions back within your capital budget, allowing you to grow faster.

This gives the business owner much more visibility into the workings of energy management. Our clients are able to make prioritized decisions based on their energy needs and have a savings plan to reach those goals. It is one turnkey solution to identify, manage, execute and finance all aspects of efficiency.

via Strategic Capital Budgeting – Distributed Energy Management.

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