The Audition Pt. 1

With the passion of the greatest love of all time, I hate auditions. Most of them are a complete waste of time. I have big trouble showing my best performance to casting directors because they are part of the show business machine I detest. You know, the suits.

Auditions are usually held in the daytime. Not the ideal time for me to be awake let alone out and about. I have been a night hawk since I was a kid. Before you walk into the casting office, you see 37 other actors that look just you like heading in for the same reason you are. That familiar bummed out feeling is settling in now as you sign in at the desk and deal with clipboard guy/gal. Their headsets have gone to their heads, and they act like you came in to impress them.

This week I got a call from the casting director’s office of the new Chris Rock film project. Matt tells me they have a couple of small parts Chris wants me to read for. This is exciting news. Working with Chris elevates my performance and I’m less nervous since we go back many years. It takes Matt 2 days to email me but I’ve still got more time than usual to learn my lines. 30 hours!

I finally get the sides (section of script), for the two roles. One is for “cop” and the other for “theater manager.” Of the two, the manager role is bigger than the cop role, and I will concentrate on those lines. The reality is even if I land either role, my part could be cut out of the finished product. That’s cool because for me its all about the process of working with good peeps. I will walk in tomorrow afternoon at 4p.m. with confidence. I already have the cop part down.

“You better watch that shit.”

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