If one pays attention to the narrow bandwidth of mainstream media, one would think only two handfuls of music artists are on the scene today. The constant churning of these same music artists in our auditory and visual presence creates the impression that only a few names really matter in contemporary music. Further, if your musical tastes do not sync with the tracks and images we are subliminally told we are supposed to like, then what does that say about our ability to fit in with the societal largess? Is something wrong with us if we tire of the same tracks on the radio, in television adverts, in retail stores, restaurants, and movies?

Most of us have probably turned against a track at some point. For example, a track that becomes a summer music blockbuster played everywhere. When you first hear the track, you fall under its spell, but by the end of summer you hate it. After hearing a song for the millionth time, you might begin to question your own sanity for liking the song in the first place. Few songs can escape the wrath of overexposure.

Few music artists successfully survive overexposure in the long run. The two handfuls of artists that take center stage must squirm sometimes about how their music is thrust upon us. Unfortunately, the nature of all encompassing capitalism requires squeezing every ounce from those who can make the most money for others.

Thank the Universe for the Internet. There is no need to search far to find fresh music artists, new sounds, and experimental concepts on the Interwebs. The multiple online music platforms provide a global, music array the mainstream media for the most part ignores. Unless an artist breaks through the mainstream membrane and can longer be ignored, we become suffocated by a few when there are so many who deserve recognition.

Fortunately, we can use the Internet to listen to an Italian band play Reggae, or a French DJ put new sample flavor into classic hits, or watch a video of an unknown R & B songstress or balladeer whose silky vocals put one at ease. Sites like Taliferro Music save a music lover’s soul from the bruises of bumping into mainstream blahs.

Bradford Nims

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