When The Music's On

When the music’s on, nothing else matters
Not the pain or the hurt of love
Or the sense that the whole wide world ignores you
With a not so gentle shove

When the music’s played with love not money
It stays with you like a meat loaf cake
Care less about the video dancers jumping around
Make music for music’s sake

When the music is mined from deep within
The return holds much to desire
Listen to the advice in the stellar songs
From people like Earth Wind, ..and Fire!

I love myself when I’m listening to
Music from the masters of the groove
P Funk, Ohio Players, Isley Brothers
Come on with the break it down move

I please myself when the music is on
Other sounds I do not hear
As my soul shuffles and my mojo rustles
The rain in my day turns clear

by William Stephenson

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